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STAT 200 Lesson 4 Notes: Probability Distributions

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STAT 200
Mengzhao Gao

STAT 200 Lesson 4: Probability Distributions  Random variable- numerical characteristic of each even in a sample space, or equivalently, each individual population  Discrete random variable- has a countable set of distinct possible values  Continuous random variable- such a way to value (to any number of decimal places) within some interval is a possible value  Probability distribution (also called the probability distribution function)- any table, graph, or formula that gives each possible value and the probability of that value  The total of all probabilities across the distribution must be 1, and each individual probability must be between 0 and 1, inclusive  Cumulative probability- because to find the answer, we simply add probabilities for all values qualifying as “less than or equal” to the specified value  Cumulative distribution- a listing of all possible values along with the cumulative probability for each value  Expected value- synonym for mean va
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