White Collar Crime Lecture Notes

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University of Pittsburgh
Administration of Justice
ADMJ 1230
William Hickman

White Collar Crime 11112013 33800 PM White Collar CrimeIllegal or unethical acts that violate fiduciary responsibility duty of loyalty of public trust committed by an individual or organization usually during the course of legitimate occupational activity by persons of high respectable social status or personal or organization gain Whitecollar crimes are not traditional or street crimes Street crimes are usually characterized by using violence Victimization is diffused many more victims responsible party is harder to catchLarger amounts of money involved hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars Three main things to knowIt occurs in a legitimate contextIt is usually motivated by financial gain or organizational success winning an election cooking the books It is not characterized by direct or indirect violence Types of Crimes 11112013 33800 PM Consent is required for a full credit check by employers or future employersTwo Types of CrimeMala in seevil in and of itself rape murderMala prohibitumwe make it evil gambling prostitution drugsTwo Elements of a CrimeAn act or omission actus reusIntent mens rea BOTH HAVE TO OCCURSpecific statue sanction stare decisisthe courts rely on decisions made on past casescase law Seven Basic Steps of the Criminal Justice SystemPreliminary arraignmentcharges against the defendant date of preliminary hearing post bailPreliminary hearing 310 days prima facia right to have an attorney crossexamine witnesses offer evidence take notes right to a public trialPretrial conferenceFormal arraignment th Suppression hearing4 amendment exclusionary ruleTrail Discoveryanytime after preliminary hearing up to and during the time of the trialGrading of CrimesCommonwealth courtMagisterial judgeno education required theyre elected Felony Felony 1Felony 3Depends of the severity of the crimeMisdemeanors Summary traffic violation lowest grading
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