ADMJ 1245 Lecture 9: TerrorismPartII

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Administration of Justice
ADMJ 1245
John Fitzgerald

Wednesday March 1 House of Saud Video Notes 1. Royal Family 2. 1902 a. Muslim brothers 3. First western reference to the brotherhood comes from Shakespeare 4. 1926- captured jewels of Arabia 5. Saudi Arabia has loose borders, no interference from Yemen 6. Only way to get petroleum from under the ground is to invite foreigners a. They didn’t have the capacity themselves 7. ARAMCO created for prospects 8. Issue of Palestine a. Roosevelt said he wouldn’t take action which might have come off as hostile 9. WWII Truman is President The Rift 1. He said their unity would preserve his family and power, beware if you separate 2. Left the dessert with every amenity possible, living like a king 3. When Americans arrived, they had to live in a compound 4. Had good relations with ARAMCO a. Borrowed money from ARAMCO Saudi-American Relations 1. Still in tact to this day 2. Monarch spent his last years, being exiled in Athens, Greece King Faisal 1. Offered bodyguards 2. Decided there should be girl schools in Saudi Arabia a. Backlash because people didn’t know what would happen if girls became educated b. He wasn't there to be an option for those who wanted one 3. “Sword”- use as tool or use to assassinate Spring 1967 1. War started by ordering UN to get their troops out 2. Israel launched a preemptive strike 3. Arabs were humiliated 4. Move out American community 5. In the midst of war, US began airlifting supplies to Israel 6. Oil became scarce and prices increased 7. Nixon sent Kissinger to Saudi Arabia a. Whole conversation was very tense, no jokes or humor b. Must secure oil by own means c. Possible move into Persian Gulf on contingency basis 8. Building schools in 2 days 9. Royals took many vacations and like to gamble in the casinos a. Many below them thought they were corrupt in every sense and there was no way they could properly inform and be faithful to the country 10. Many in Saudi society wanted to put a stop to westernization 11. Opened up mosques all over middle east because they had to share the wealth and had to be seen as supportive of Muslim causes 12. Saudi Arabia and US made secret deal to finance the war Wednesday March 15th 1. Kunduz a. 30-60 gunmen stormed police checkpoint b. Well trained and motivated, formidable enemy c. Wealthy city d. Taliban coming out of “winter ceasefire”, begin a spring offensive around this time 2. al-Qaeda’s reaction doesn’t want to help their allies in ISIS a. Not sending any food, fighters or ammunition b. They may not have fighters to spare because ISIS has targeted their recruit pool 3. House of Saud Video Notes a. Required to call military powers b. Invasion c. Uelmma i. Council of religious leaders and scholars who are trusted to interpret Islamic Law and question religion d. Imam- local leader, not recognized authority but do hold a lot of power 4. Osama bin Laden lost citizenship because they knew he was a threat to the regime because they knew he wanted to overthrow it 5. Peace talks happened 2 days before 9/11 but it was too late a. Looked at him like a hero Part 3: ISIL’s Durability & Resilience (See parts 1 & 2 in previous notes) 1. Durability & Resilience a. Capacity to control the population b. Ability to garner broad support 2. Broad SME (subject matter expert) Consensus: a. ISIL is magnetic, due to use of narratives corresponding with actions b. Lack of SME consensus: i. 3 schools of thought on ISIL’s resilience and durability 1. ISIL has resilient properties a. Pragmatic leadership and organization b. Intimidation tactics c. Tapping into existing Sunni grievances d. Use of a well-developed narrative 2. ISIL is ​not​ durable a. Relies on pre-existing sectarian conflict i. Power can be disrupted b. Only attracts a specific population c. Unable to expand into territories controlled by functioning states d. Does not possess the expertise required to effectively govern 3. The real challenge is not ISIL; the challenge is disempowerment in the Muslim world a. If the problem i larger than ISIL, then solutions that only seek to undermine ISIL are insufficient to address underlying causes of conflict 3. 5 reasons a. ISIL is best situated to exacerbate
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