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University of Pittsburgh
Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0150
Christine Dahlin- Universityof Pittsburgh Johnstown

1 General Biology 1 Chapter 6The Cell2 main types of cell 1 Eukaryoticour typealso animalEukarya domainAbout 10100m in length2 Prokaryoticbacteria and archea domain About 15 m in lengthThey both have 1 cell membrane 2 cytoplasm3 cytosol 4 ribosomesCell membranephospholipids boundaryControl entry and exit which selectively permeable Important for communication by binding to adjacent cellsConsist of bilayer of phospholipids with proteinsIs a passage for oxygen nutrients and waste Cell surface must be bigger than volume stuff inside so that would have enough room for molecules to move in and out of the cellKey termsCytosoljelly like substance inside plasma membraneCytoplasminterior of the cellChromosomeshighly packaged DNA contains genesRibosomesprotein synthesisProkaryotic cells Have no nucleusOnly have cell membrane and cell wallDNA is located in nucleoid not membrane boundDNA float freelyCytoplasm contains ribosomesNot membrane bound organelles Eukaryotic cellsHave compartalized known as organelles each has specific function and based on enzymes pH etcEach organelle has their own membrane which control entry and exitDifferent local environment so many processes can go at onceFound only in animal cellslysosomes centrosomes flagella Extra components found only in plant cells but not in animal cellschloroplast central vacuole cell wall plasmodesmataconjunction of cellNucleuswhere DNA located inNuclear envelopeenclosed nucleus o Double membrane 2 phospholipid bilayers o Have nuclear poresopen for an exit and entry of proteins RNA macromoleculesNuclear laminaprotein filaments inside membrane that maintain shapeDNA organized into chromosomes carry genetic info
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