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Evolutionary Genetics - Natural Selection Notes

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Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0160
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3/20 Evolutionary Genetics: Natural Selection Mechanism of Evolution • Lamarck: Felt Needs • Darwin: Natural Selection Darwin’s Reasoning • Ernst Mayr (1980) o Observation 1: Individuals have incredible reproductive potential; populations have the potential for exponential growth o Observation 2: Most populations are stable in size o Observation 3: Natural resources needed for survival and reproduction are limited o Inference 1: Environment only supports so many individuals; only a few survive and reproduce because of this struggle (supported by direct observation of mortality) o Observation 4: Organisms in populations vary greatly; no two individuals are exactly alike o Observation 5: Much of this variation is heritable o Inference 2: Survival is not random; individuals whose inherited characteristics fit them to their environment will leave more offspring than less fit individuals Definition of Natural Selection Process in which individuals differ in survival and reproduction, that difference resulting from possession of alternative, heritable forms of a trait Formal Requirements • John Endler (1984) o Trait varia
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