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Lecture 13

BIOSC 0715 Lecture 13: Lecture 12

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Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0715
Karen Curto

Biology Lecture 11a and b 102016 Aerobic vs. Anaerobic who ultimately gets the electrons (oxygen or not oxygen, cellular respiration vs fermentation) Glucose o Electron provider NAD+ o Electron carrier (it is a coenzyme) o ******NAD+ must be regenerated ATP o Useful energy molecule created from electron passage Fermentation Substrate level phosphorylation o Enzyme adds a phosphate group to ADP to make ATP Respiration Oxidative phosphorylation Glycolysis Occurs in both prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and both types of respiration, five types: Oxidationreduction o Oxidation is loss of electrons Oxidation numberstate the total number of electrons that an atom either gains or loses in order to form a chemical bond with another atom o Reduction is Gain OIL RIG o Redox reactions occur in pairs Phosphate transfer o Investing because uses some ATP at first o Phosphorylated glucose isomerizes o Phosphofructokinase key enzyme in glycolysis, a control point To maintain energy homeostasis, cells activate a pathway only when necessary If they do not need ATP, they stop making it Feedback loop shuts down glycolysis pathway at this point Has 2 sites Regulatory site o Where ATP binds and slows down this reaction step in glycolysis o Noncompetitive inhibitionallosteric Active site o Where ATP binds, gives up a phosphate group which is transferred to fructose6phosphate to become fructose1,6 phosphate
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