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Lecture 15

BIOSC 0715 Lecture 15: Lecture 14

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Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0715
Karen Curto

Biology Lecture 12a and b 11116 Photosynthesis Light phase Lecture focus: Making ATP o Noncyclic electron flow Stimulates P680 PHOTOPHOSPHORYLATION Electron transport chain located in the thylakoid membrane o Obtains protons from H2O splitting Pumps protons across thylakoid membrane as electrons are passed through a series of redox reactions to progressively more electronegative acceptors Predominant o Cyclic electron flow P700, no NADPH is made if more ATP is necessary o Summary: ETC, proton pump, ATP synthase o Dark reactions dont make ATP Regenerate ADP + Pi Managing electrons from mass o e stored in NADPH o Dark reactions: e used NADP regenerated Leaves Stomata allow entry of CO2and release of 2 Waxy cuticle keeps water from being released Spongey areas Chloroplast Similar to mitochondria own DNA, double membrane Has pigments Thylakoids stacked like coins, surrounded by stroma (not stoma) o Stacks are called granum Two parts to photosynthesis Light dependent reactions in the thylakoid (where the pigment is) o H2O donates electrons (oxidized),2O is released o NAD in catabolic reactions For example, breakdown of sugars o NADPH in anabolic reactions Seen in synthesis Light independent reactions in the stroma o Carboncarbon bonds of sugar are assembled using the products of the light reactions
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