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Lecture 17

BIOSC 0715 Lecture 17: Lecture 16

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Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0715
Karen Curto

Biology Lecture 14a and b 111016111716 Circulatory system Lipoproteins fats packed inside single phospholipid protein carriers that are soluble in aqueous fluid (blood or lymph) because fats need carriers through circulatory system since they are not soluble HDLLDL, LDL associated with cardiovascular disease (LDL deposits cholesterol in artery wall, HDL removes cholesterol from circulation, cholesterol can be metabolized by liver) Functions of Circulatory System Transportation to and from cells o Nutrients, O2, hormones (endocrine) o Waste products, CO2 Regulation of body heat o Control of blood flow to skin extremities Aid in body defense o Blood cell immune response Pulmonary artery is the only artery in the body that carried deoxygenated blood Pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood What color is the blood drawn from your veins? Blood in veins is red, but our skin and fat absorbs the less energetic wavelength of red, while the shorter more energetic purple and blue are transmitted and perceived by our vision. Veins are more superficial than arteries that are deeper inside. Cardiac cycle Systole contraction o Pushing the blood out of a chamber Diastole relaxation o Filling chambers with a volume of blood Cardiac cycle is one complete sequence of pumping filling Pacemaker cells: set the rate for all the other heart muscle cells to contract The pacemaker cell contracts due to continuous changes in ion concentration 1. Drift toward threshold, Na+ moving into cell 2. At threshold Ca channels open 3. Reestablish gradient K+ moves out Blood vessels: Arteries o Thick muscular layer o Withstand ventricular pump pressure
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