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Lecture 12

BIOSC 0715 Lecture 12: Lecture 11

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Biological Sciences
BIOSC 0715
Karen Curto

Biology Lecture 10a and b 101116 Trying to maintain homeostasis Gap junctions in animal cells Plasmodesmata in plant cells Autocrine signaling themselves Ex. Immune cells stimulates replication (Tcells) Paracrine signaling closeby Neuronal response neurotransmitter stimulates target cell Endocrine signaling far away (hormones) Components of cell signaling: Reception Transduction Response Termination RECEPTION Two types of signal molecules: Hydrophobic signal enters cell, goes straight to target (receptor in cytoplasm or nucleus) Hydrophilic signal never enters cell, binds to plasma membrane receptor that initiated message to inside of cell Ligands noncovalent Charge interactions Hydrophobichydrophilic Temporaryreversible Receptors differ in information transfer G protein linked o Cell surface receptor particular to hydrophilic ligands o G protein is trimeric has tree parts to it (beta, gamma, alpha complexes) o G protein is NOT the G Protein receptor (receptor is linked to G protein o GTP displaces GDP o Hydrolyzes its own GTP GTP GDP Return to inactive state o Ex. Adrenalineepinephrine Enzyme o Cell surface receptor particular to hydrophilic ligands
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