HAA 0010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Triptych, Grisaille

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16 Mar 2015
March 2
Landscape, Nature, and Environment, Part 1: Landscape Painting (Europe)
roots in Ancient Greece and Rome
in medieval times, became a part of a religious context
omore naturalized
omore attention paid to details and recession
Northern Renaissance artists very interested in landscape
oatmospheric perspective: the farther away the background is, it starts to get more blurry and blue
achieved through the use of oil paintings
Garden of Earthly Delights
not a pure landscape
triptych: 3 wings
oleft side: Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden
ocenter: Garden of earthly delights
oright side: hell and damnation
not created for a church or a chapel
when closed, image of primordial earth? 3rd day of creation? right after the flood?
ogrisaille: done entirely in gray scale
creation of Adam and Eve
oit’s beautiful, but starting to be corrupted by lust and evil
Garden of Earthly delights
ostrange, beautiful structures that look like a hybrid of nature-made and man-made
odisjointed and dreamlike structure of people and animals
oscene is very dark and theres a city burning
oreflects a war scene
osin being punished
ocontains a self-portrait
shows punishment for pleasure, but at the same time, it entices you to experience pleasure
December Landscape (Hunters in the Snow)
Book of Hours: small devotional book that says what prayers should be said at each hour, plus has
landscape itself is becoming an important part
trying to replicate the feel of nature
studied different environments to create a fictional landscape
human activity paralleled to natural activity
birds eye view: from the perspective of a bird, above the landscape
in 17th century, landscape became the most popular type of painting
Dutch revolt: based on freedom of religion
oconflict between the people of the Netherlands and Spain
Dutch landscape became a point of national, patriotic pride
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