HAA 0010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Peony, Apotropaic Magic, Kouros

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25 Mar 2015
March 23
Body and Identity, Part 1: Adornment
Tattoos in Polynesia
Marquesan Warrior Decorated with Tattoos
tattoo comes from the Tahitian word “tatau”
oto tap, mark, or strike
in Polynesia, both men and women would tattoo
omales more extensively
oin certain cultures, tattoos cover the whole body, and in others, its mainly on the
omeaning fluctuates among cultures
two methods used to tattoo
oink is spread into the holes created
ostatus symbol: nobility/high status or undesirable: slave, defeated enemy
omark as family member
orite of passage or commemoration of events
oshows bravery and pain tolerance
omarks the barrier between the body and the outside to protect it: apotropaic
spiritual armor
Portrait of Maori Chief Te Pehi Kupe and Self-Portrait
European portrait has him wearing European clothing
oassimilation into European culture
self-portrait focuses more on the actual tattoos: monumental
okoru: unrolled scroll forms at the top of the mask
show descent from important families
European portrait seems to be capturing a moment in time
ethnography: description of customs of people and culture
ostudying and drawing “exotic” people
noble savage: celebration of people who come from “uncivilized” places and tribes
oromanticizing and idealizing the idea that they could live off the land, but still
look down on them for being “lesser” than the Europeans
Tattoos in Japan
tattoos started out representation, then became figural
tattoos started out small: act of love, symbols of luck or of victory
irezumi: Japanese tattoos
in Edo period of Japan, society was segregated and what each class could do was
controlled by the government
olower class members of society got tattoos as a form of rebellion
Du Xing and Photograph of a Courier with Tattoos
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