HAA 0010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Genre Art, Margaret Theresa Of Spain, Jan Van Eyck

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1 Apr 2015
March 30
Body and Identity: The Female Nude
Venus of Willendorf
Venus = beauty and fertility
used in childbirth rituals?
oprehistoric culture, so we’re not sure what the use actually was
could have a memorial function or some other function beyond fertility and
suggested that figures are a method of communication between groups of people who
couldn’t otherwise communicate
Ancient Greece
kore: female sculpture, often found in temples or tombs, always clothed
there were many functions of nudes for the Greeks
ofemale nude didn’t fit into any of these functions
olegend of Zeuxis carving out a place for women among the heroic nudes
being in the nude vs. being naked
female nude portraying perfect beauty, created by combining multiple girls
Aphrodite of Knidos
first full-length nude female sculpture
viewable on all sides in the cult temple
othe public voted to display the nude over the clothed sculpture
Venus Pudica: modest Venus
oshe’s bathing, so it’s mundane nudity
oshe’s covering her genitals with her hands, albeit poorly
Female Nude in the Renaissance
Birth of Venus
commissioned by the Medici family
has a modest Venus Pudica pose
Neo-Platonism: new Platonic philosophy, an attempt to combine Christianity and
Platonism together
otwo interpretations of Venus
Earthly: inspires sexual attraction and love
ethereal: inspires love of god
ocontemplating physical beauty allows us to contemplate spiritual beauty
very classical painting
idealized: she’s not very well-rounded, she’s very ethereal
disegno: line, drawing, craftsmanship
omore concerned with lines, prevalence of drawings
sculptural quality to artworks
oprominent in central Italy and Tuscany
colorito: color, application of color
oprominent in Venice
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