HAA 0010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Physiognomy, Syphilis, Surrealism

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13 Apr 2015
April 6
Body and Identity: Part 3
Acadamie des Beaux-Arts
powerful control over French art in 19th century
exhibitions held in the Louvre
the Acadamie like conservative historicism- tried to emulate the Renaissance masters
Avant-garde: soldiers who fight on the front line
oartists who are original, come up with new forms of art and take the brunt of the criticism
osubverts tradition
early 20th century had a succession of movements
othe members of the movement would come up with labels for themselves and write
manifestos about the constraints of the art movement
overy self-aware of their art within a larger movement
modernism: extremely aesthetic diversity
oart becomes more abstract, to the point of nonrepresentation
oemphasis on process of making art and adopted new methods and materials
orejection of historical styles
inspired by Freud, free association, and psychoanalysis
imagination, subconscious, fantasy, myth, dreams: no logic or realism
automatism: methods of breaking into subconscious to get into dream states
The Broken Column
deals with the pain from her trolley accident
her spine is an ionic column and she is pierced with nails
reminiscent of an image of St. Sebastian
oborrowing language of martyrdom to speak about her pain and suffering
she had to deal with her identity following the accident and surgeries
The Two Fridas
mexicanidad: Mexican people celebrating what it means to be Mexican, especially related to
indigenous Mexican traditions
two ethnic selves: a Mexican self and a European self
oshows her wearing traditional European and Mexican dresses
deals with personal pain due to her difficult divorce
the two halves of her identity are permanently connected
Photography and the Self-Portrait
Portrait (Futago)
part of postmodern art
oappropriating from pop culture, history
operformances or collages of found items or photographs
oart history references and reuses
oblurring of line between the arts
he makes or finds everything in the set, makes the costume, and does his own makeup before
taking the picture
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