HAA 0010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Diorite, Fourth Dynasty Of Egypt, Qin Shi Huang

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20 Jan 2016
Unit 1: Death and Commemoration
Lecture 1 – January 11, 2016
In art, everything we see is a result of the artist's choice
oFor example, ankles in Egyptian sculpture are often depicted as blocky or
chunky-- this is done on purpose.
Ancient Egypt
Desert culture with the Nile River flowing from South to the North
oNile comes form Upper Egypt, which is South
oLower Egypt is where the Nile leads, which is North
Egyptian gods are amalgamate, a mixture of human and animal
East of Nile is associated with life, and West of Nile is associated with death-- this is
because of the passage of the sun.
Giza Necropolis, Old Kingdom
Ca. 2575-2450 BCE,
Built by Menkaure, Khafre, Khufu
Egyptian religion founded on idea that soul remains semi-permanently
oDeification of dead pharaohs: creation of tombs and preservation of body and
name of the deceased (mummification)
oEgyptian art is meant to be eternal in order to house souls in the afterlife
oPyramids mimic the pyramidal symbol of the Sun god, Ra
Khafre is the most well-conserved of the pyramids
o24 statues of Khafre (diorite)
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