HAA 1306 Lecture 7: week 4 - Bramante's St. Peter's/St. Peter's Later History

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15 Sep 2015
6. Mon September 16: BRAMANTE'S ST PETER'S
Key works:
Michelangelo project for the tomb of Julius II, 1503--05ff
Would have been free-standing and enormous
Probably would have been in front of the apse on the
center axis of the nave
Placed instead in San Pietro in Vincoli
--Bramante: Palazzo dei Tribunali (Palace of Justice), ca 1509.
--Bramante? Santa Casa at Loreto
--Rome: Old St. Peter's, ca 320 CE.
--Giuliano da Sangallo: project for New St. Peter's
Wanted a solid façade rather than
Bramante’s four apses
1. Bramante project for new St. Peter's in Caradosso medal, 1506 [17]
Medals placed in foundation
Some had Pope Julius’s face and some had Bramante’s on one side
Insight to the role of the architect
The reverse side had carving of St. Peters
Bramante believed he had figured out recipe of Roman poured concrete and dome
reflects dome of Pantheon
Recollects Hagia Sophia also (scant evidence)
2. Bramante project for new St. Peter's in Uffizi architectural drawing 1A, 1506 [18]
No reason to think Bramante drew
Thick water color
Half drawing of bilaterally symmetrical design
3. Bramante: dome in project for new St. Peter's: Serlio's recollection print [20]
Bramante’s plan for New St. Peter’s
Pope Julius II decided to tear down Old St. Peters
3 bays too long to see dome well from ground
Great central dome and 4 subsidiary domes
Similar configuration to San Lorenzo
Cross and square plan
4 entrances with 2 narthexes per side
Piers at corners of center square considered insufficient
“energized wall” – undulating
Elements from Pavia Cathedral seen in Bramante’s sketches
Ribbon walls
2 bell towers
Intended enormous concrete dome similar to Pantheon (minus occulus)
Combo of Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine with Pantheon
BMC: huge barrel vaults and coffered ceiling
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