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Lecture 8

MUSIC 0711 Lecture 8: 1950s West Coast: Cool Jazz & the third stream

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University of Pittsburgh
MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

1950s West Coast/Cool Jazz & the Third Stream Cool Jazz  (1949) ----------------------- (1950)-------------  1949 = birthdate of cool jazz o lived on through the 1950s into the 1960s  resurgence of ragtime in the 50s o ragtime died with the death of Scott Joplin in 1917 o swing was still popular, residual during this period o Dixieland Revival was also celebrated during the 50s  Bebop was such an importance influence o So was Charlie Parker  Also a very white type of jazz Major Innovators of “Cool” & Third Stream:  Lester Young – “father of the cool”  Claude Thornhill  Miles Davis – “Leader of the cool” o Leader of cool jazz, not the father – important distinction o Lester Young came before Miles Davis o Asked by Capital Record Company executive to lead a big band  Lead to the birth of the cool recording o Played with Charlie Parker o Preferred a sound with no attitude in it o “Boplicity” recorded 1949, Birth of the Cool album o multi-era artist o  Lennie Tristano – “his own school”  Gerry Mulligan o Born in New York 1927 o Influenced by Claude Thornhill and other Progressive Era musicians o Bass clarinet o “The Sound of Jazz” 1957 – one of the first aired on TV o purest blues solo in jazz o  Gil Evans  Dave Brubeck  Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh  Chet Baker o Trumpet player, vocalist o Began playing on the West Coast with Charlie Parker o Popular musician and figure o Played in Gerry Mulligan cortet o “My Funny Valentine” Italy 1959 o  Stan Getz o Tenor sax o Major innovator during the cool period o Born in Philadelphia o Went to Brazil with other musicians  Charlie Bird (guitar) o “Desafinado” Bossa Nova  Modern Jazz Quartet (M.J.Q.) – John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Cornie Kay and Percy Heath o Kenny Clarke was an emotional player, music was explosive - left the group b/c he didn’t want to be tied down
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