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Lecture 18

MUSIC 0711 Lecture 18: Bebop

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MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

Bebop  Style of jazz that ensured that musicians practiced  Wood-shedding – practiced hour after hour  Only sure wFay to greatness is through practice and hard work – Nathan Davis Few Notable Musicians of Bebop Style:  Charlie Parker – alto sax  Dizzy Gillespie – trumpet (and voice)  Ella Fitzgerald – voice  Max Roach – drums  Kenny Clarke – drums  Charlie Christian – guitar  Ray Brown – bass  J.J. Johnson – trombone  Mary Lou Williams – piano and mentor Bebop:  Name given to the music played in and around New York during the early 1940s  Charlie Parker was from Kansas City – 1939 left Midwest and went to NYC  Started as a quiet revolution of big bands in the late 30s Charlie Parker:  Played a revolutionary role in jazz  Positive and negative attached to persona  positive - revolutionary music set a standard almost impossible to equal/attain o many young musicians tried to attain that same level – imitate him in playing and life  negative - habitual use of narcotics o in no way takes away from musical contributions  Charlie Parker all-stars o Melodic virtuosity of Charlie Parker, “Chasin’ the Bird”, 1947 o “king” of alto saxophone  the name bebop came from the sound that the musicians heard in the music as it was being played – according to Max Roach  jazz historians believe that the word bebop – came from Spanish word “Arriba”  Kenny Clarke revolutionized drumming – changed main emphasis of keeping time from high hat to large round cymbal o Also known for playing strong accents with foot pedals – to emphasize the beat  “Buzzy” – Charlie Parker; played by Kenny Clarke (drums)  evolution of crash cymbal in Kansas City o in burlesque theater  emphasize movements of strippers  mintons playhouse o manager and owner of club were ex bandleaders o deep appreciation for good
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