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Lecture 16

MUSIC 0711 Lecture 16: The Progressive Era

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MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

The Progressive Era (Mid 1940s)  Rock n roll becomes a dominant type  Somewhat controversial time period o Involved the white middle class dominantly  Progressive jazz was a music created by young white musicians o had experience in the white swing bands of the 1940s  whites music given the name jazz ever to be up until recent times o bebop was innovated by young black musicians  segregation affected the music of jazz  short-lived period  (1940) -------------------(1945)---(1947)------ (1950)  Bebop Progressive Jazz  cubs became the national league champions during this time  Homestead Greys – continuous operation through 1940 o Pittsburgh  Collapsed after 1948 season  Segregation vs. sports  Nathan Davis – in Kansas City as a young boy, baseball was important to him o As a boy, he got a job as a bat boy with the black leagues and got to meet the baseball players o Helped him to achieve success as a young, poor, black boy  Late 1930s – 1940s o Forbes field – home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and also the Homestead Greys  Posvar Hall  mid 40s was also a time of blossoming of the jazz concert o of help to black musicians  still very difficult to perform because of color  “Progressive” – coined by the music industry o answer to the decline of record sales during the Bebop era Reasons for decline of record sales:  drafted inot military  bebop = too difficult  shabby ttreatment of jazz fans by musicians  us government wanted to stop production of records to use for war products  “Progressive” – search for intellectualism in jazz The Kenton Era  incorporated bongos, congas, claves, maracas into his white music  vocal point of progressive jazz was west coast, specifically Los Angeles  Latin bands in New York were in the forefront  Stan Kenton was the leader of the Progressive Jazz Period o Focused on sound clusters in the brass sections  Latin music emphasis Progressive Jazz Characteristics:  White big band jazz using western European compositional techniques  the sound of big band brass and western European compositional techniques  concentrated more on compositional styles than previous periods (Bebop and
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