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Lecture 2

NROSCI 0080 Lecture 2: Brain and Behavior Lecture 2: Development of the Nervous System

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Erin Kirschmann

Brain and Behavior Lecture 2 Know all of the philosophers and what their schools of thought were and everything we discussed Development of the Nervous System Conception Day 1: Fertilization Much brain development occurs before birth Forms blastocyst Day 2: Division Day 15: Embryonic disc Cell differentiation: new cells in embryonic discs become rearranged into 3 layers Ectoderm thickens in the center to form neural plate Bottom of neural plate grows more rapidly, forms neural groove Tops of neural groove meet and fuse at top forming the neural tube Space inside neural tube: ventricular space, fills with cerebrospinal fluid Proper closure of neural tube is critical o If lower portion of tube does not fuse, spina bifida results o If top portion of tube does not fuse, anencephaly results Endoderm Mesoderm Forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain visible by 28 days (look up figure of these) Evolution is recapitulated by development Walls of neural tube become thicker as neurons continue to divide Vertebrate, mammablian embryo, fully developed human brain Forebrain bulge: forms telencephalon (cortex and limbic system) and diencephalon (thalamus and hypothalamus) Midbrain bulge (mesencephalon): what does it form? Hindbrain bulge: pons, cerebellum and medulla Spinal cord regions: central canal
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