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Lecture 16

NROSCI 0081 Lecture 16: Drug Laws

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April Dukes

Lecture 16 21317 Recap Dopamine release is not the reward itself The reward is the pleasurable response to a drug or behavior and the drive to want it again o Even after conditioning, the drug or behavior must be present to actually experience the reward A rewarding stimulus is reinforced by activating the reward pathway o Various neurotransmitters and pathways within the reward pathway regulate liking a reward, but not DA Blocking dopamine does not change how much a reward is liked o The wanting part of the reward is from the DA o The more DA released by a reward, the more effective it is at being reinforced, and ultimately being wanted o Once conditioned, the DA signal of expected reward drives the wanting (craving) to actually go get the reward Physical vs. Psychological dependence o Psychological = positive reinforcement Drug => GOOD => do more drug o Physical = negative reinforcement (driven by Withdrawal Effects) Drug => stop drug => BAD => do more drug o Drugs are not necessarily eitheror Most of the drugs we will discuss have components of both When reading Tweak, What are his experiences with drugs and rehab? Which drugs does he take? How do they make him feel? How does Nics addiction affect him and those around him? What characteristicslife events seem to encourage Nic to do drugs? Drug Laws Rank the countries described below, based on the strictness of their drug laws Comparecontrast decriminalization, harm reduction, and mandatory minimum policies o Harm Reduction Introduce drug user to medical helpsupport community, as well as emergency medical and social services Tries to decrease the harm caused by abusing drugs, which doesnt always include drug abstinence Can include: Testing a drugs safetypurity Needle exchange for IV drug users (provide clean needles) Maintenance therapy o Agonist replacement therapy (less potent drug)
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