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Lecture 6

PSY 0010 Lecture 6: Psych Notes Lecture 6

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PSY 0010
Jennifer Cousins

Consciousness Part 2  Mental control: the attempt to change conscious states of mind  Thought suppression: the conscious avoidance of a thought  Ironic processes of mental control: mental processes that can produce ironic errors because monitoring for errors can itself produce them  Rebound effect of thought suppression: the tendency of a thought to return to consciousness with greater frequency following suppression  Freud’s unconscious: o Dynamic unconscious: an active system encompassing a lifetime of hidden memories, the person’s deepest instincts and desires, and the person’s inner struggle to control these forces; described by Freud o Repression: a mental process that removes unacceptable thoughts and memories from consciousness  Modern unconscious: o Cognitive unconscious: the mental processes that give rise to a person’s thoughts, choices, emotions, and behavior even though they are not experienced by the person  Subliminal perception: a thought of behavior that is influenced by st
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