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Lecture 17

PSY 0010 Lecture 17: Personization

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University of Pittsburgh
PSY 0010
Jennifer Cousins

Super Ego: the mental system that reflects the internalization of cultural rules, mainly learned as parents exercise their authority Age 5-6 Social/moral Ego: the component of personality, developed through contact with the external world, that enables us to deal with life’s practical demands Age 1-2 Reality Principle Id: the part of the mind containing the drives present at birth; the source of our bodily needs, wants, desires, and impulses, particularly our sexual and aggressive drives Dealing with inner conflict:  Conflict between the id, ego, and superego causes anxiety  Defense mechanisms: unconscious coping mechanisms that reduce anxiety generated by threats from unacceptable impulses  Denial: distorts the cognition of reality and denies the existence of some emotionally significant part of reality o Denying that you show signs of alcoholism o Denying you are in a toxic relationship  Rationalization: supplying a reasonable-sounding explanation for unacceptable feelings and behavior to conceal one’s underlying motives of feelings  Projection: attributing one’s own threatening feelings, motives, or impulses to another person or group  Reaction formation: unconsciously replacing threatening inner wishes and fantasies with an exaggerated version of their opposite o What you actually feel you kind of do the opposite  Displacement: shifting unacceptable wishes or drives to a neutral or less threatening alternative o Your parents are mad at your so you go beat up your brother (since you can’t beat up your parents)  Identification: helps deal with feelings of threat and anxiety by enabling us to unconsciously to take on the characteristics of another person who seems more powerful or able to cope o Unconscious o Kids want to play basketball because of Michael Jordan o When uncomfortable with yourself you will identify with someone you like  Sublimation: channeling unacceptable sexual or aggressive drives into socially acceptable and culturally enhancing activities o Take it out in ways that are beneficial o Start exercising every day, or take a sculpting class  regression the ego deals with internal conflict and perceived threat by reverting to an immature behavior or earlier stage of development o gone through serious type of trauma and the regression is because what is happening in their life right now is so stre
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