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Lecture 7

PSY 0010 Lecture 7: Chapter 7 Learning (2)

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PSY 0010
Jennifer Cousins

Chapter 7 Learning Part Two Learning Observational Learning Observational Learning: Look at Me Observational learning: a condition in which learning takes place by watching the actions of others Albert Bandura (1925-) studied aggressive observational learning using the Bobo doll experiment Children imitated adult behaviors and were sensitive to the consequences of their aggressive behavior Diffusion chain: a process in which individuals initially learn a behavior by observing another individual perform that behavior, and then serve as a model from which other individuals learn the behavior Observational Learning in Surgical Training Social Learning Theory Albert Bandura (1925 - ) Social influence on learning – observation and imitation instead of reinforcement Social cognitive theory - Observational (vicarious) Learning Modeling Imitation Albert Bandura: Bobo Doll Bandura’s Research Observational Learning in Animals Pigeons have used observational learning to learn to get reinforced for pecking behavior. Rhesus monkeys learned to fear snakes through an observational diffusion chain, also exemplifying a biological predisposition to fear snakes. Chimpanzees learned to use a novel tool through observational learning, although children (using the same paradigm) showed greater learning of the function of the tool. Enculturation hypothesis Capuchin monkeys Observational Learning in Capuchin Monkeys Neural Elements of Observational Learning Mirror neurons fire to observational learning in humans as well as other animal species. Represented in the frontal and parietal lobes If appropriate neurons fire when another organism is seen performing an action, it could indicate an awareness of intentionality or that the animal is anticipating a likely course of future actions. fMRI studies show the same brain areas to be activated when one engages in a task or observes another engage in the task. Observational learning of motor skills depends on the moto
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