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Experiments and Random Assignment Notes

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PSY 0035
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10/9 Experiments and Random Assignment Types of Designs • One Group, Post-test Only Ex. Back Surgery  Pain Rating o Gives you nothing to compare result with, so it is basically meaningless • One Group, Pre-test & Post-test Back Pain  Surgery  Pain Rating o A little better because you have ratings to compare to; still weak because it is only one group • Two Nonequivalent Groups, Post-test Only  Moderate Injuries Heal on Own  Pain Rating Non-Random  Severe Injuries get Surgery  Pain Rating o With only the post-test, you can’t come to any conclusions o The non-random assignment also causes problems because you don’t know whether the treatment or injury severity changed pain ratings in the end • Two Nonequivalent Groups, Pre-test & Post-test  Moderate Injuries Heal on Own  Pain Pain Rating  Non-Random  Severe Injuries get Surgery  Pain o Even though there is a pre-test, this doesn’t completely make up for the fact that the two groups are different Random Assignment • When subjects are randomly assigned to groups, the only way that the two can differ is by chance • Types of Randomization (**not all work well for all kinds of studies) o First
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