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Birth Controversies Notes

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PSY 0310

2/11 Birth Controversies Cesarean Section • Surgical removal of the baby from the abdomen • More successful now than it was long ago • Used in more than 32% of births in the U.S. and is on the rise • Why? o The mom may choose to do so for personal reasons  This is bad because certain hormones are released when babies are birthed naturally that help them adapt to their new environment  However, natural is still more risky for the baby • C-section puts the mother at a greater risk o Has to recover from surgery o Might not be able to have any other vaginal births Fetal Monitoring • Monitors baby’s activities during labor • May cause false alarms • Leads to a higher probability of getting a C-section • Lots of legal issues that doctors may face if they don’t pay attention to it Birth Position • Typically lying down or declined • Other cultures may use squatting  their women have leg muscles that are more accustomed to this position because of what they do • Tried to use birthing chars, but they didn’t last • Some moms choose to give birth at home and do whatever helps them the most 2/11 Pain Killers • General anesthetics o Used to be seen as a solely medical event o Like a surgical procedure, mom was taken away and no family members were allowed in the room o Eventually found that it was taking too long to get out of the baby’s system • Epidural o Anesthetizes the mother from the waist down o Painless o Can possibly be too much but doesn’t normally affect the baby o May be too soon or too late
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