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Information Processing Notes

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4/10 Information Processing Attention, Perception, and Memory • Significant changes occur between 5 and 7 with all of these skills • May be individual differences, but it is generally around this time o The influence of schools on brain growth  Piaget: everything naturally happens as kids interact in environment  Physiologically: frontal region is developing around this time  Going to school means you have to sit, do difficult things, and use your memory  There has been a push to make formal education start earlier • They’re just assuming kids can handle it while ignoring what happens physiologically • Forcing a child to do it when they’re not ready does not allow them to take advantage of it • In terms of the September cutoff, parents used to push their kids into kindergarten early, but recently parents have been urged to wait until they are ready Growth of Attention • Sustained attention: the ability to force yourself to maintain attention or focus o Even two year olds will watch TV o Making yourself pay attention during lecture • Distractibility o You have to ignore things around you to sustain your attention • From capture to control o You have voluntary control rather than being “captured” o Advertisers use kids’ attention to their advantage 4/10 • Attention Deficit Disorder • Probably over-diagnosed o Medication leads to too much slowing down (stuttering) • How is it diagnosed? o Child isn’t meeting the expectation of either the parents or teachers o Pediatrician diagnoses the child and gives out medication  Most don’t have the proper training  Parents want to save time o Questions to ask  Is it pervasive? Needs to be across conditions  Are parents too demanding?  Formal tests to use • How is it treated? o Stimulants: Ritalin, Adderall  Like having a lot of caffeine/energy drinks  Need to drive up your energy system to sustain attention o Over-stimulation  Jitters  More problems concentrating  Experience of a “crash” o Best to mix medication with behavioral intervention Perceptual Development • Perception of distinct features o To little kid, lots of things look alike
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