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Effects of Family Notes

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4/15 Effects of Family What is good parenting? o Patience, consistent structure, understanding, supportive, love • Most research is limited to Western Culture and middle class • Two key factors emerge: o Control: undemanding to very demanding o Warmth: cold to loving Diana Baumrind • Observed children’s behavior and related them to parenting styles • 77-80% of parent fall into four patterns of behavior • Authoritarian (demanding and cold) o “I’m the parent, I’m the leader; you do this because I say so” o They do care about the child, they are just insensitive o Firm rule enforcement and harsh and punitive punishment o Mainly shows anger and displeasure o Sees child as antisocial and opinion of the child is typically not considered  Wants to socialize child because they would be doing horrible things otherwise 4/15 o Little positive support with limited shared activities o Impact on Children:  Very unhappy and passive-aggressive, withdrawn  Start to rebel in adolescence  May also remain quiet and timid; low self-esteem and prone to depression • High achievers, still don’t think they’re “good enough” • Vulnerable to stress • Not very popular • Permissive-Indulgent o Wants to be best friend with the child o Gets aggravated because they aren’t demanding and the children don’t help them o Rules are not enforced or clearly communicated o Easily yield to coercion, nagging, and whining—get whatever they want o Few expectations for mature behavior o Hide impatience or anger from their children  Children have no expectations so they don’t feel motivated to do any chores o Yet they are generally warm and loving which goes a long way o Impact on Children:
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