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Lecture 6

MTH 254 Lecture 6: 11.4 unit tangent and unit normal vectors 0001

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MTH - Math
MTH 254

N1.0 ~~~(.)109n. >~ . A II. 4 ,~ it ~qeV (AIJ. WVVIOI ltUWV; , :;..e;ttime ~~ C,OIVJThe AIiitiltcreVt JtCitlJ=t(tj= ~~o:;) ttl N ic.Ai 0 jc;tur 0f re~ .. Y ve c~ eeno,,, 1011 e + til c VI .t , (0 n S,c,Y t1V~ eR til lA(ce : ~ c~,;riQ~ flO 0.~ IlIn~errt 0 0 u(c.rc VI:?oyy ;~ VeV~flcA(Vlo~ N. i~ Y>Ytr4~ tVu tylwY ~ pol Ii? It ~ eetnJQ1IAFcI I~c.:t1t.y.C:; h(i1~ L~~ht e~~ Will ii TYV lS ollt PlY of (). uirc,le CiV1., rC;;) cIeCkllof Jt0m;.,?HJer,oliCAAICr 1J ( ( )I It110W . ( lt) , r..(tl =0 ~i rCt. t lt) , rJ Jct)V ..0 1Fc fu 11(DIn 0 f co~ Ct e~ ic.t),t(t)~O, 11 fI~CA1 CTCkJ i ~erlVdClCAV tv ic,tj, JA~1 ~ (1I? (i III {~VI I < Id. iJ~ t C Iiii 0(01IlD t1J1 ! hiT ~ IIe ye Vt Ie c.,jnY ;1 yCt1 p 01IIe CiO, JtLQord f1 V01on JN,e. 1l~ IV(t J~ 0l!Y I.:rCc I ~.otJ~ on ()V Of8Yl )VOtt 1,1h.i. .VIIt jebtUY N ctj i ~ .., I ~ f. N lt.,N ttl {loYIslU lle; NCtj ,e:.) LO (tAl,cU . ottru. (NWe. tCt.) roY if c..I;= .( 3 (00;;,:, 3~i YI :L )tt t>N llAVlTCtl ~ ~ N C tj :. .= ~
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