ENGL 10400 Lecture 10: Article Discussion

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Article One: Forbes
Message: Racial Diversity
-Dating apps in combination with traditional dating
-Used mathematic model, statistics
Message: Racist
Examine the source: Independent
UK edition and US edition
Not left nor right
Doesn’t accept money from either party
-Examine the source: IU Journal (credible)
First author is likely to have done the most work
-Beauchamp and her colleagues
-First paragraph is an abstract
Last sentence highlights the articles s
The researchers Networks and education
-Qualitative and quantitative research=multi-method/mixed method research
-NO hypothesis/no testing of a hypothesis = Exploratory research
Are women using the resources on campus?
-No, less than half of the women surveyed use or plan to use dating apps. Of the surveyed
very few women used the campus resources, which are also social networks.
Are women using dating apps
Are women using both?
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