ENGL 10400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Online Dating Service, Anti-Fat Bias, Ageism

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Monday, October 15, 2018
1. Summarize !
2. What do the sources have in common? !
3. What are they all missing?!
Article number TWO !
Dating apps especially Tinder are harmful to men self esteem or body image, serve as
a platform for racism, hateful speech, hateful rhetoric, age discrimination, fat shaming;
however, our society is already a platform for racism. !
Article one claims online dating promotes diversity. !
Article one fails to specify diversity !
Formal Indiana University research !
What did the researchers do?
They created a unique 22 questions survey !
Mixed method:!
Quantitative—numbers !
Qualitative—sorting through language, subjunctive, interviews !
What did the researchers find?
Undergraduate women who use mobile dating apps rate safety as their primary cover,
but are not likely to use on-campus resources. !
What are the problems in online dating? !
Dating apps need to be more specific !
The technology behind the app allows people to mislead, anonymous!
We are not ready for dating apps socially, the technology is overouw !
Technology is complex but human relationships are even more complex !
We do no learn about even the basics the complexities of human relationships !
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