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Botany & Plant Pathology
BTNY 11000
Peter Goldsbrough

BTNY 110 – Fall 2012 Begonia Project Written Report Guidelines 20 points – due in lab on December 5, 6 & 7. General Guidelines – 1 to 3 pages max. Margins of 1 inch and use a font that is easy to read and no smaller than 11 point. The requested info rmation below comes directly from your weekly guide sheets. Use the information and examples from those guide sheets in this report. History and General Information Include the following information: the scientific name of the begonia given out for extra credit, the plant family that begonia belongs to, the number of species of begonia, and the economic importance of begonias. Morphology and Anatomy Include leaf morphology information such as leaf arrangement, simple or compound leaves, petiolate or sessile and stipulate or astipulate. This section should also include original hand drawings of the stem and leaf anatomy of begonia. (You may scan the drawings you did for your guide sheet, but do not use pictures from the internet!! ). Include labels of the primary tissues for both drawings. Discuss the effect that competition has on begonia plant height, lateral stem development and root development. Describe the effect that pinching -back has on begonia structure versus leaving the plant alone and expl ain this effect in terms of apical dominance. Genetics and Biotechnology Include inf
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