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Lecture 21

CS 24000 Lecture 21: Paramters, types and templates introduction 03302017

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Computer Sciences
CS 24000
Adams George

CS 240 lecture 21 03302017-Paramters, types and templates introduction Default parameters • You can set default parameters • The default parameters should be the last one in a function declaration • Example: void drawRect(int x, int y, int width=100, int height=100); drawRect(45, 67); // Use defaults.
drawRect(78, 96, 45); // Use default height only. • Only the declaration includes the default parameters and not the implementation Overloading functions • Also in C++ you can have multiple functions with the same name as long as the types of the arguments re different • When calling a function C++ will use the function that best matches the types Overloading functions print(int a) { ...} print(const char * s) {... } print(double d) {...} ...
 int x = 9;
 double y = 89.78;
 const char * z = “Hello world”; print(x); // Uses print(int a);
 print(y); // Uses print(double d) print(z); // Uses print(const char * s) Operator overloading • You can also define your own operators in C++ • For example, if you have a class class A { ... } • then you can define an operator A operator + (const A &s1, const A &s2) { ... } • and use it as: Aa; Ab;
// Initialize a and b A c = a + b;
 Classes • remember that classes in C++ use two files • .h (or .hh) has the class declaration with the name of the methods and variables • .cpp (or .cc or .cxx) has the implementation Private:/protected:/public: • Variables inside a class can be defined private, protected or public • Private: o It means that every method or variable after a private: declaration can be used only by the class that defines it • Protected: o It means that every method or variable after a protected: declaration can be used only by the class or subclass that defines it • Public: o It means that every method or variable after public declaration can be used by anybod
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