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Lecture 18

POL 13000 Lecture 18: Class notes 03082018

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Political Science
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POL 13000
Mckenzie Johnson

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Pol 130 Class notes 03082018 Topic: Ethnic violence and civil wars con. Civil war Armed conflict that occurs between organized actors within a state and that meets some minimum threshold for severity Occur due to grievances or greed o Separatists want to create their own independent state o Irredentists want to attach their territory to another state Usually see asymmetrical warfare Why fight a civil war Strong religious or ideological beliefs Manipulation by elites due to division in the population Compensation Security State level causes of civil war Per Fearon and Laitin Poverty Lack of repressive apparatus Large Population Easily stolen sources of wealth o Ex. Oil, Diamonds, etc. International factors Support of rebels or government o Can lead to Proxy Wars o The New Republic in the Force Awakens o America or Russia in Syria Humanitarian Crisis o Balkans o United States involvement surrounding Mt. Sinjar Expansion of the conflict o Vietnam War expanded past the borders of Vietnam into Cambodia and Laos o Expansion of the Syrian Civil War into Iraq Types of civil war Conventional Forces Versus Conventional Forces o The Prequal Star Wars movies between the Republic and Separatist Forces o In real life conflicts like the American Civil War
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