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Lecture 22

POL 13000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Limited Government, Structural Adjustment, Free TradePremium

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Political Science
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POL 13000
Mckenzie Johnson

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pol 130 class notes 03292018
Topic: Global inequality
Understand existence and persistence of global inequality
Theoies of diegee
o Washington Consensus
o Neocolonialism?
European Dominance
Why did Europeans come to dominate the globe?
Number of Theories:
o Climate
Agriculture and disease burden
o Competition and war à technological advances
Industrial Revolutions and Colonization
A.Congo versus B. Uganda
Scramble for Africa (clip 1)
o How did the scramble for Africa increase the risk of conflict during the period of
Belgian legacy in Congo (clip 2)
o How did Belgian policy impact the development potential of the Congolese?
o Why has’t the Cogo ee ale to ath up to the West?
Industrial revolution and colonization
1. Create New markets
a. Need people to buy machine-produced goods
2. Demand new materials and food
a. Raw Materials: Cotton, wool, vegetable oils, dyestuffs
b. Food for industrial areas: Wheat, tea, coffee, cocoa, meat, butter
Industrial revolution and colonization
Institutional Legacy
New boundaries and borders
Land rights and laws
o Private property
Forced labor
o Generate wage-seeking laborers
Inhibit native producers
o Stifle competition
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