PSY 35000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attack

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7 Feb 2017

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Anxiety Disorders
A. Anxiety Vs Fear
a. Anxiety is something that is more problematic that affects daily life; it is a worry
about something that is coming in future
i. Generally, quite persistent (> 6 months)
ii. High degree of distress
iii. High degree of comorbidity (co-occurring) with depression
iv. The most prevalent CLASS of mental disorders
1. More common in women
b. Fear is something that everyone has; it is an emotional response to something
immediate not something that is coming
i. Activates flight or fight response
B. Primary Diagnoses
a. Specific phobia
i. Having a fear does not mean you have a phobia
ii. In order to be considered a phobia, has to meet all the criteria
iii. Does not include social phobias because they have their own category
iv. Anxious about one specific thing
b. Social Anxiety Disorder
i. Fear of public speaking
ii. Does not fall into specific phobia
iii. 75% of Americans report experiencing anxiety for public speaking
1. only 7% meet the criteria for the disorder
2. More females then males experience, but males seek out treatment
iv. Main fear is the fear of evaluation
1. Feel that others are judging you in a negative way
c. Panic disorder
i. The fear is having a panic attack or experiencing it again
1. Panic attack abrupt surge of intense fear… during which time
FOUR or more of the symptoms present
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