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Lecture 42

CJ 290 Lecture 42: PS 101 CH 11

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Criminal Justice
CJ 290
Stephan Mc Guinn

CHAPTER 11 ATTRIBUTIONTHEORY: o AttributionTheory: View thatpeople are motivated todiscover the underlyingcauses of behavior aspart oftheireffort tomake sense ofbehavior ▪ Humans are curious –itisbuiltintous to explain!!! o Has3Dimensions: ▪ 1.Locus– • Internal(me): causesinside andspecific tothe person – like hisor her traits/abilities • External(you): causesrelated tosituationalfactors • IE) DidBeth getan Aon the testbecause she is smart(internal) or because itwaseasy (external)? ▪ 2.Stability – • Stable: Relatively enduringand permanent • Unstable: Temporary • IE) DidAaronblow up athisgirlfriend because he is hostile (stable) or washe havingabadday (unstable)? ▪ 3.Controllability – • Controllable: We have poweroverit • Uncontrollable: We doNOT have poweroverit • IE) Havinga picnic: o CONTROLLABLE –preparing deliciousfood o UNCONTROLLABLE –Itrainsduring the picnic EXAMPLES OFATTRIBUTIONDIMENSIONS - CLASSIFYING ▪ Low aptitude • Internal –Stable – Uncontrollable ▪ Never study • Internal –Stable –Controllable ▪ Sick the day oftest • Internal –Unstable –Uncontrollable ▪ Notstudy for one test • Internal –Unstable –Controllable ▪ Schoolhastough requirements • External –Stable – Uncontrollable ▪ Instructorbiased • External –Stable – Controllable ▪ Badluck • External –Unstable –Uncontrollable ▪ Friends failed tohelp • External –Unstable –Controllable • Exper #1– o Candy wrappersexperiment ▪ Gave children candy and counted how many wrapperswere lefton the floor
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