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Lecture 27

CJ 290 Lecture 27: PS101 CH 10

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Criminal Justice
CJ 290
Stephan Mc Guinn

Chapter 10 FREUD • Psychoanalysis: asystem ofpsychologicaltheory and therapy that aimsto treat mental disorders by investigating the interactionofconscious andunconsciouselements in the mind andbringing repressed fears andconflicts intothe conscious mindby techniques such as dream interpretationandfree association • Psychoanalytic: relatingto the above ^^ • FreudianTheory: o Believed sex wasanything that provided organpleasure o Personality development, which argued thatpersonality isformed throughconflicts among three fundamental structures ofthe human mind, they are: ▪ Id– • Primitive and instinctive componentofpersonality –Newborn childs personality • Itconsists ofall the inherited componentsofpersonality presentat birth, including the sex instinct, libido,and the aggressive instinct. ▪ Ego– • The ego developsinorderto mediate between the unrealistic idand the externalrealworld. • Itisthe decision-makingcomponentofpersonality. • The ego works by reason ▪ Superego– • The superego incorporates the values and morals of society, which are learned from one'sparentsand others. • Itdevelopsaroundthe age of3 –5during the phallic stage of psychosexual development • The superego'sfunction is tocontrolthe id's impulses • The superegoconsistsoftwo systems: o The conscience - can punish the egothroughcausingfeelings of guilt o The idealself- imaginary picture ofhow you oughttobe, and represents careeraspirations, how totreatother people, and how tobehave asamemberof society EGODEFENSE MECHANISM 1. Repression(buryingyourfeelings) a. Mostpowerful and pervasive defense mechanism. b. Pushes unacceptable id impulses back intothe unconsciousmind 2. Rationalization (excuses) 3. Denial(notadmittingsomethingexists) a. MostPrimitive –ego simply refuses to acknowledge anxiety producing realities 4. Regression(beingababy) 5. Projection (blame) 6. Reaction formation(overprotective mother) 7. Sublimation (appropriate release) a. Specialform ofdisplacement inwhich a personexpresses an unconsciouswishin asocially valued way (ie boxing) 8. Displacement(inappropriate punching) a. Directingunacceptable impulses ata less threatening target STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT (Sex, libidinalurges,pleasure) • OralStage o Birthto 1yr ▪ Libido iscentered ina baby's mouth ▪ Itgets satisfaction fromputtingall sortsofthingsin itsmouth tosatisfy the libido, andthus its iddemands • IE) sucking, biting, andbreastfeeding. ▪ Freud saidoral stimulationcouldleadto anoral fixation inlater life. • IE) smokers, nail-biters,finger-chewers,andthumb suckers. Seen particularly when understress. • AnalStage o 1yr-3yrs ▪ Libido now becomes focused onthe anusandthe child derivesgreat pleasure from defecating • Phallic Stage o 3yr–6yrs ▪ Childbecomes aware of anatomicalsex differences –sets in motionconflict of attraction,resentment, rivalry, jealousy and fear ▪ OedipusComplex • Derivesfromgreek myth thata boy –unknowingly kills hisfatherand unknowingly marries hismother ▪ Boyshave acastrationcomplex • Identifieswith fathertotake on male gender role ▪ Girlshave the ElectraComplex - penisenvy • Identifieswith motherto take onfemale genderrole • Latency o 6yrstopuberty ▪ Nomore psychosexualdevelopment takesplace ▪ Libido isdormant ▪ Mostofchildsenergy is put into developingskills, acquiring knowledge and makingfriendsof the same gender • Genital o Puberty toadult ▪ Final Stage –sexual experimentation ▪ Resolution is tosettle down in arelationship ▪ Pleasure isdirected toanother person ratherthanselfpleasure (like phallic stage) JUNG • WasfollowerofFreudandthenlater broke fromhim. • Psychiatristand psychoanalyst who founded analyticalpsychology HISTORICALLY • Philosophers: o Pavlov – ClassicalConditioning//DogSalivation Experiment o Freud– Psychoanalysis Founder o Darwin– Evolution o Skinner– Behaviorist o Humanistic –empha
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