MG 210 Lecture 1: Chapter 1 notes

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7 Feb 2017

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Chapter 1
In class Notes
Managers and Management
Organization- a deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific
What Do Manager Do
Four Functions Approach
o Functional
Planning, organizing, leading, controlling Roles
Management roles approach
o Mint burgs Managerial Roles
Informational roles
Decisional roles
Skills and Competencies
o Conceptual skills
Analyzing and diagnosing complex situations to see how things fit
together and to facilitate making good decisions.
o Interpersonal skills
Working well with other people both individually and in groups by
communicating, motivating, mentoring, and delegating.
o Technical skills
Job-specific knowledge, expertise, and techniques needed to perform work
tasks. (For top-level managers − knowledge of the industry and a general
understanding of the organization’s processes and products; For middle-
and lower-level managers − specialized knowledge required in the areas
where they workfinance, human resources, marketing, computer
systems, manufacturing, information technology)
o Political skills
Building a power base and establishing the right connections so they can
get needed resources for their groups
History of Management
Early management
o 1776
o Adam Smith- and the wealth of nations
Ground breaking publication for management saying that division of labor
(or specialization, when a job is divided into pieces)
The breakdown of jobs into narrow and repetitive tasks
Classical approach
o 1911
o Scientific management
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find more resources at
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