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Lecture 11

MK 370 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Qualtrics, Winn-Dixie

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MK 370

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Anisha Manglani
MK 370 03
Chapter 11: Designing the Questionnaire
October 9, 2014
Questionnaire (vehicle used to pose the questions that the researcher wants respondents to answer).
Survey  H1: Consumer attitude leads to purchase intention.
oIV: consumer attitude.
oDV: purchase intention.
o*Asks both IV and DV.
Experiment  H2: Recent 2014 Pepsi ad increased brand awareness.
oIV: Pepsi ad.
oDV: brand awareness.
o*Only asks DV.
The Functions of a Questionnaire
Translates research objectives into specific questions.
Standardizes questions and response categories.
Fosters cooperation and motivation.
Can speed up the process of data analysis.
Can serve as the basis for reliability and validity measures.
Do’s and Don’ts of Questionnaire Wording
oUse extreme absolutes: all, always, any, anybody, ever, every, never.
oUse ambiguous words that could mean different things: frequently, regularly,
occasionally, sometimes, often, normally.
oLead respondent to a particular answer.
oLoaded wording or phrasing.
oUse double-barreled questions (two questions posed as one).
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