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Lecture 6

MK 370 Lecture 6: Using Secondary Data and Online Information Databases

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MK 370

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Anisha Manglani
MK 370 03
Chapter 6 (CN) – Using Secondary Data and Online Information Databases
September 19, 2014
Primary vs. Secondary Data
Primary Data (information that is developed or gathered by the researcher specifically for the
research project at hand).
Secondary Data (information that has previously been gathered by someone other than the
researcher and/or for some other purpose than the research project at hand).
oForecasting, corporate intelligence, international data, public opinion, and historical data.
oInternal Secondary Data (data that have been collected within the firm: sales records,
purchase requisition, invoices; financial reports).
Database Marketing
oExternal Secondary Data
Publication: information prepared for public distribution.
Syndicated Services Data: provided by firms that collect data in a standard
format and made available
oPROS: obtained quickly, inexpensive, usually available, may achieve objective.
oCONS: incompatible reporting units, measurement units don’t match, class definitions
are not usable, data are outdated, lack of information.
Survey of Buying Power (SBP)
Provides buying power index (represents market’s percentage of total buying power in the US)
oPROS: updated demographics, quantified markets, useful in selecting markets.
oCONS: data may not be classified into useful categories, too general
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