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Lecture 7

NUR 323 Lecture 7: chap 10 One class

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NUR 323

Planning for Pregnancy  Preconception ◦ Earliest stage of pregnancy continuum  Periconception ◦ Time immediately before conception through period of organogenesis  Interconception ◦ Time between end of one pregnancy and beginning of next Planning for Pregnancy  Preconception counseling ◦ Identify conditions that could adversely affect pregnancy ◦ Reproductive life plan  Reflection of intentions about number and timing of pregnancies in context of personal values/life goals  The Healthy Body  Menstrual and medical history ◦ Exposure to childhood illnesses ◦ Exposure to STIs  Syphilis, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B ◦ Exposures related to lifestyle choices  Tobacco (promote smoking cessation), alcohol (no amount is safe), illicit substances  Caffeine (2 cups or less), artificial sweeteners  Physical examination ◦ Laboratory evaluation ◦ Genetic testing ◦ The Healthy Mind  Readiness for motherhood  Psychological changes during pregnancy  The healthy relationship  Readiness for fatherhood  Support for life changes  Nutrition  Nutritional assessment ◦ Preferences (personal, cultural, cravings/aversions, special diets)  Nutritional elements ◦ Calories (extra 300kcal/day needed) ◦ Protein ◦ Water (8-10 eight ounce glasses of fluid daily) ◦ Minerals and vitamins  Calcium and Vitamin D  Iron  Folic acid ◦ To reduce risk of NTDs: 400mcg for all women of childbearing age; 800 mcg in pregnancy  Weight Gain  First trimester, average maternal weight gain 1-2.5 kg (2.2-5.5 pounds)  Thereafter recommended weight gain for woman of normal weight is ~0.4 kg/week ◦ Overweight: ~0.3 kg/week ◦ Underweight: ~0.5kg/week  Normal weight: ◦ overall 25-35 pounds  Weight Gain  Influences ◦ Physiological factors ◦ Social influences ◦ Inadequate diet ◦ Inadequate physical activity  Management  Daily food and fluid intake  Factors That Affect Nutrition  Eating disorders ◦ Pica  May signal deficiencies in iron, Vitamin C & D, calcium, zinc, niacin, thiamine ◦ Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa  Cultural factors  Vegetarian diets ◦ May have low protein, calcium, iron, zinc and Vitamin B12  Food cravings and food aversions  Exercise, Work, and Rest  Exercise ◦ Muscle strengthening ◦ No rigorous aerobic activity  Moderate-intensity physical activity for 30 minutes daily encouraged  Work ◦ Impact on pregnancy  May need to reduce hours if job requires heavy lifting, prolonged standing, etc.
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