PT 503L Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Coracobrachialis Muscle, Infraspinatus Muscle, Trapezius Muscle

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9 Nov 2020
PT 503 Physical Therapy Processes I
Fall 2020
Laboratory 6.2
Principles of Measurement
Upper Quarter Manual Muscle Testing:
The Scapula and Shoulder
Lab Objectives:
1. Identify:
a. Appropriate planes and axes for each upper extremity motion.
b. Expected normal ranges and end-feels.
2. Describe:
a. Testing positions used for each UE joint motion
b. Testing position corresponding to muscle grade
3. Plan muscle testing and goniometric measurements of the scapula and shoulder that are
organized by body position.
4. Perform muscle testing and goniometric measurement of strength and range of motion of
the scapula and shoulder complex.
a. Clear explanation
b. Proper starting position
c. Adequate stabilization/ application of force
d. Use of appropriate testing motion
e. Accurately align goniometer and correct reading/ recording.
Manual Muscle Testing
Dale Avers, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA and Marybeth Brown, PT, PhD, FACSM, FAPTA. Daniels and
Worthingham's Muscle Testing, 10th Edition, 2019
When performing a MMT
Assess PROM
Assess AROM, observing the quality of the patient’s movement; palpate “prime mover”
through range
Position appropriately for MMT, making sure patient’s lower extremities are
supported/feet resting on a secure surface
Make sure to stabilize appropriately for grade 3 and above
Make sure appropriate amount of resistance is applied in a direction perpendicular to
the movement being tested (for grade 5 and above)
In muscles testing Gr 2 and below, ensure weight of limb is appropriately supported and
“prime mover” is palpated throughout range.
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