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BIOL - Biology
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BIOL 105
Gregory Zagursky

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Biology is the scientific study of life Two terms to define:  What is life? Life’s levels of organization define the scope of biology A structural hierarchy of life, from molecules to ecosystems, defines the scopes of biology At the top of life’s hierarchy is the ecosystem  Ecosystems include: All the organisms in an area which make up a community Interbreeding organisms of the same species, a population Organisms are made up of: Organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, molecules Cells are the structural and functional units of life  A cell- is the basic unit of life 2 basic cell types:  1) Eukaryotic cells- contain membrane-enclosed organelles, including a DNA-containing nucleus  2) Prokaryotic cells- lack such organelles The diversity of life can be arranged into 3 domains  Organisms are grouped (classified) into the prokaryotic domains Bacteria and Archaea, and the Eukaryotic domain Eukarya Domain Eukarya includes: Protists (protozoans, and algae, falling into multiple kingdoms) the Kingdoms Fungi, Plantae and Animalia Unity of Life: All forms of life have common features All organisms share a set of common features, signs of unity in life’s vast diversity Defining Life: 1) levels of organization
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