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Disabilities and Social Justice— Perceptions Matter Notes
Deficit Perspective: Human behavior and characteristics are distributed along a continuum
called the “normal curve” (you decide what is avg)
Cultural Perspective: Different cultures with different views about disability (some cultures
think its a blessing, others believe its a curse)
Sociological Perspective: Disability is socially constructed
Disabilities as a Minority
The civil rights act of 1964 landmark court cases and disability advocacy
Brown v Board of Ed
Full participation of people of color
Words Matter
Important to carefully select the words you use to talk about others
sticks and stones
people first language
the person does not equal the disability
disable is not a noun
Ex- do say “students with intellectual disabilities” do not say “retarded students”
Arriving at Basic Guarantees— exclusion in society
We need laws to protect people with disabilities
Historical perspective: cruel treatment, banished from the community, early roman times they
were put on display in a cage as a form of entertainment
Preventing people with disabilities to be excluded
Exclusion in Education
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