01:512:104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur De La Salle, Guerrilla Warfare, Biological Warfare

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Chapter 06 - The Duel for North America 1608-1763
France Finds a Foothold in Canada
Emergence as a European power
o Louis XIV becomes king in 1643
o Takes interest in North America
o 1608
Quebec established
led by Samuel de Champlain
o Friendly relations with Huron Indians
Agree to battle against Iroquois
Iroquois then ally themselves with Britain
Government of New France
o Under direct control by Henry XIV
o French peasants had no motive to move out of France
o New government offered no freedom of religion
New France Fans Out
Fur trade
o Beaver pelt hats in high demand in European market
o Voyageurs named many North American places during this period
o Recruited Indians into business
o Decimated Great Lakes beaver population
o Introduced French Catholic "Jesuit" Missionaries to North America
Tried to convert Indians
Attempted to save them from corrupt fur business
o Robert De la Salle
Floated down Mississippi in 1682
Named entire region Louisiana in honor of French king
French persistently tried to block Spain from Gulf of Mexico
o Founded New Orleans in 1718
The Clash of Empires
King William's War
o 1689-1697
Queen Anne's War
o 1702-1713
Both wars were made up of small detachments of troops engaging in guerilla
Neither country was deeply commited in either conflict
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