01:512:381 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Lucretia Mott

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Women and Reform
Abolition and Suffrage: Two Days of Inquiry
Biq Question?
What is the origins of the first formal, organized women’s rights movement?
How do movements for women’s rights and the abolition of slavery intertwine and how
do they diverge?
We will answer these through
A film
The Wellman article
Primary source -- The Declaration of Sentiments (1848)
Painter article on Sojourner Truth
Lerner article
“One Woman, One Vote” Film Resource
Seneca Falls, New York (origin)
In the heart of the abolition movement
But women were still heavily restricted by law and custom
Women ceased to exist legally once they were married. Had no rights to their
possessions, children, and the well being of their bodies.
Those who said otherwise were accused of blasphemy.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for education as a child and married a radical
She held the very first women’s convention
For two days 400 women and 30 men came together to talk about
women’s social issues.
Staton there proposed the right for women to vote (too radical and was
controversial between the women and few men)
Frederick Douglass (abolitionist) brought the debate to an end and said
that true democracy is regardless of race and gender.
Susan B. Anthony
Befriended Stanton
Inspired by Stanton, Anthony dedicated her life to the cause.
Anthony moved from town to town to deliver her message
She called for equality for all people
Lucy Stone
Kept her own name when she married
Split her time between abolitionist and suffrage
Civil War
Brought hopes of reform for not just slaves but American Women as well
Leaders put aside their own demands and worked for the union cause
When the war was over, Stanton raised the question of suffrage again
Federal state moved for black men to be included in the constitution after the civil
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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