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Lecture 1

01:119:115 Lecture 1: Biology and Learning

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Biological Sciences
A Keating

Lecture 1 A. Brain 1. Embryonic development a. Structure of nervous system is established b. Gene expression takes place c. Signal transduction 2. Neural plasticity – removed after birth by experiences a. Dynamic and changeable b. Remodeling occurs at specific places called synapse (junction between neurons) c. Changes in brain – activity dependent 3. Use it or lose it a. Lots of activity – many connections b. Multiple synapse – strengthened response c. Autism hypothesis – disruption of activity dependent remodeling at synapses; synapses activity is disrupted B. Memory 1. Anatomical/physiological event a. Occurs at chemical synapses 2. Dependent on neural plasticity and activity 3. Short term (STM) – information is stored for a short time and released if not relevant 4. Encoding a. Refers to the transfer from STM to LTM (long term) – forms a memory b. Long term potentiation i. Molecular event ii. Pre-synaptic neuron iii. Post-synaptic neuron c. Long term memory activated when information needs to be retrieved into short term memory C. Learning 1. Ability to implement information and make use of it
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