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Lecture 10

01:119:131 Lecture 10: Lecture 4.3.17

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Biological Sciences

I. Quiz review A. What does a narrow spectrum of activity for an antibiotic mean? B. What is the difference between a bactericidal and bacteriostatic chemical C. What is the difference between a toxin and a toxoid 1. Toxoid cannot cause disease but protects you if it sees wild type, inactive toxin, immunogenic D. Which one is used in a vaccine? II. Chapter 23 systemic disease A. Puerperal fever- childbed fever 1. Streptococcus pyogenes → vaginal delivery→ irritated uterins surface → blood stream B. Streptococci “Group B”- neonatal sepsis (baby infected through birth canal) meningitis complication 1. Chick mother for group B streptococci so she can be treated before labor C. Rheumatic fever- streptococcus pyogenes a) Strep throat symptoms gone and thin fever, rash, arthritis develop b) Heart damage due to antibodies made against S.pyogenes being able to react with heart tissue. “Cross-reactive” antibodies D. Anthrax 1. Eat contaminated beat or breathe in spores “Bacillus anthracis” 2. Common soil organism- more often animals are contaminated 3. Cutaneous, respiratory, or intestinal forms 4. Organisms is lethal because it carries exotoxins and makes a capsule (anti phagocytic) 5. These genes are carried on plasmids (protective, lethal, adema factor) 6. exotoxin→ inhibit macrophages and causes blood clots in long capillaries 7. Prevention- vaccine, keep environment spore free E. Plague (yersinia pestis) 1. Make factors (Exotoxins) to inhibit macrophages and other parts of the immune system 2. Organism in wild animals 3. Rodent → flea → human 4. Travel through lymph tissue- swollen lymph node “buboes” - bubonic plague 5. If it enters blood → can infect all organs “pneumonic plague” spreads directly to another human F. Lyme disease
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