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Rutgers University
Business Analytics and Information Tech
Bruce Rights

Information Security 2/4/2013 Forward port Outbound port? Issues with ports: outbound traffic, unintentional open ports Denial of service: making someone unable to get their job done E.g. denial of service through IPS Network access control – Virtual network Honey pot – computer that looks to be desirable and easily hackable; allows people to understand who and what hackers tend to target and how they do it 2/6/13 Dark net – Quiz next Wed – covers materials of Sans Podcast and wiki from last 5 classes *Unprotected computer on the internet can be owned within an average of 4 minutes Hacker types: Black Hat – typical hacker; learner, voyeur, info capture, ID/CC Theft, etc. *Anonymous is an example of hacktivism – people who hack for a cause (also WikiLeaks) *industrial espionage – people who aren’t as good but just look to deface (actually beneficial because it lets you know that your site or computer is vul
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