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Communication and Information
Estlein, Roi

1Communication 101 Spring 2013 Information Processes22613 Lets play the Telephone GameAn important inherent part to the communication process is receiving information rememberInformation reception is o Active and complex o Difficult to retain for long periods of time o Possible with practiceInformation Reception ProcessInformation selection o We select certain messages and disregard others o Hearing Receiving information and being physically able to hear the message o Listening When you pay attention and really understand the message o Motivations for selecting noises and soundsAccomplishing goalsWouldnt be able to concentrate if we werent continuously selecting message o Selective attention we attend to messages and select certain onesInterpretation o Assigning meaning or significance to selected messagesRetention o Involves storing and actively using information o Recall vs RecognitionRecall The deliberate action to remember informationRecognition You dont need to really make an effort in remembering somethingAutomaticReceiver InfluencesWe have characteristics and backgrounds that influence how we select interpret and retain messagesThese include our needs attitudes beliefs values and goals among othersNeedsMaslows Hierarchy of Needs o We will choose messages depending on our needso Most basic needs are at the bottom2Attitudes Beliefs and ValuesPerceptions that we have and that guide us in our livesAttitude o A predisposition to something a preference o Your feeling about something o Ex I like schoolBeliefs o An underlying conviction about something o Less about how I feel about something but more about how I think about something o Ex I think school is importantValues o A deeplyrooted specific belief central to your way of life o Guide you through your lifeGuide your actions o Ex You come to school because you value educationGoalsWhat are your goals o Your purposes o Can change and they do change all the time o Eg to graduate from collegeTo achieve your goals o Exposure to sourcessituations that are inline with your goal will help you to succeed 1 o Your goal will increase contact with other people who have the similar goal 2Eg if your goal is to graduate from college with a BA in Communication you will likely 1 take communication classes come to class read the text and 2 becomes friends with the people you meet in those communication classesMessage Information InfluencesOriginModePhysical CharacteristicsOrganizationNoveltyOrigin and ModeOrigin o Source credibility o FOX vs NBCRepublican conservative vs Democratic liberalWhen your beliefs are similar to a certain source you find it more credible so the origin of the news will determine the credibility to different peopleRepublicans prefer FOX and Democratic prefer NBCMode o How the information is presented to you o Visual tactile auditory gustatory olfactory o Can greatly very the messages sent and received
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